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The Real LSH Is Back!

Spent last night trying to catch up a bit on some of the comics that I read. For those who don't remember, I had posted up that I had purchased something like 7 months worth of comics the weekend after CanGames, and have been slowly but surely catching up on the books.

This is the basic cover for Adventure Comics #8 (dated Early May, 2010).

I remember looking at this cover just before I started to read it last night, and getting a lump in my throat. And as I read the issue and came across some of the panels, some splash and others just part of the story, the lump in my throat actually gave me breathing problems, because I realized I was crying somewhat, and then it hit me:

The *real* Legion of Super-Heroes is *BACK*!!

Sure, the stories are going to be different, different times and all that and new artists and the like, but the Legion of Super-Heroes that I enjoyed reading back around the time of the *original* Crisis back in 1985/1986 is back, older, wiser, and with a lot of stories to be told about the period "in between". And I am thrilled that Paul Levitz is back on the comic, a man who steered and wrote LSH comics from 1974 to 1989 and was one of the best writers ever on the title, and who understood these characters in a fundamental way.

There are currently two Legion comics, Adventure Comics and the recently re-launched Legion of Super-Heroes title. I don't know whether we'll have the two titles around for a long time or what, but...

I am sooooooo happy the *real* Legion of Super-Heroes is back. :)
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