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The Sound of Vuvus in English Football Stadiums?

After watching some of the replay match last night on CBC of the FIFA World Cup match between Greece and Nigeria, and the sound of the vuvuzelas, I have to say that after eight days or so of World Cup matches, the sound is no longer grating on my ears and in my brain.

That said, there was a story in the paper that vuvuzelas may become a presence at English Premier League (EPL) football matches this coming year, after sales on them in Britain. I have to say that if this is true, English football may never be the same, and I am loathe to hear the insect/bee-like buzzing sounds of the monstrous green horns in English football stadiums.

I suspect that the sound of vuvuzelas would be competing with the roar of English throats at the games, but I think that it would turn English football games into less-than-enjoyable sports events for many. Ear plugs, anyone?
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