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Hockey and Suzie McNeil

The last two days have been pretty hectic, what with the hockey game Wednesday night, a work project that kept me in the office until 9:00 pm last night, and now getting ready for the gaming session tonight.

My body is doing all right, the last day or two seeming to have given me a calm stomach for a while, although the cramps and gaseousness still remain. It was pretty well-behaved Wednesday night for the hockey game, as the Senators beat Pittsburgh handily 6-3. The Penguins came out and looked nervous and uptight, and the Senators took the game to them all the way through. Ottawa played a really good game, but the Penguins just didn't come out and play a game of playoff hockey. Needless to say, Saturday's game will not be so easy, as the Penguins will have gotten over the playoff jitters, and the series will start in earnest.

Needless to say, I paid for the stress of the game and the supper at Scotiabank Place on Thursday, much to my chagrin, as I lost track of how many times I was in the washroom. What with the staying late at work, I don't think I did my body any favours.

Today, after work, spross and I went to CD Warehouse. I picked up a couple of CDs, a 2-CD compilation of Creedence Clearwater Revival's hits, and the new Suzie McNeil CD, Broken & Beautiful.

For those who missed my comments and thoughts on the Suzie McNeil concert back in October, just follow the link. The album consists of 10 songs from Sweet Suzie, although I was sad that her song "Crazy" was not on the CD, and that some of the other stuff that she had performed in the concert weren't on the CD, but I think it is a very strong debut CD of music. From her hits "Believe", and "Hung Up" to the beautiful "The One", the CD features strong vocals, and very vibrant music from this artist who is very clear about her own road in the music industry. This is an album well worth checking out. I look forward to seeing what Suzie has planned for us musically next - and I hope I get to see her here in Ottawa again in the near future.

Anyway, the Friday night gaming group should be here in a few hours, so I should get a bit of work done for that session of DragonQuest for tonight. Looking forward to gaming!


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