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A Quiet Sunday

Yesterday was the first day in a few months when I didn't game with the Sunday gaming group, what with it being Father's Day and all. I'm actually quite amazed at some of the stuff I accomplished yesterday.

While those reading my blog already know that I posted up about my experience with Free RPG Day, Friday night's game of Desolation, and my review of DW: "Cold Blood", it was also a day when I got to just take it easy for the day.

I made some good headway in the book that I'm reading, a collection of faery tale stories edited by Terri Windling, some work on my Desolation campaign for both the Friday and Sunday gaming groups, tidying up a bit in my den and doing some file deletion and moving files onto a flash drive for the computer, and then around 2:45 pm, headed for Wakefield, Quebec and the Melanie Doane concert.

I have been a fan of Melanie Doane since I first heard her music back in 1996, and a song called "Shakespearean Fish" (that turned out to be off her first album, Shakespearean Fish). I loved that song and "My Sister Sings" off the same album, and have purchased her music ever since. I'm not really going to talk about the concert that she put on yesterday at the Black Sheep Inn, as I find her music is very personal to listen to, other than to say that I was really glad I went to the show, and had a good time at it. She played a lot of her repertoire that I expected to hear, and some stuff that I didn't. A fine show.

Got home last night from the Black Sheep in time to watch the premiere of a new series on ABC, Scoundrels. Based on a New Zealand series called Outrageous Fortune, the series stars the smokin' hot Virginia Madsen, and was quite an entertaining little series. I really hope this one sticks around, as it's got a lot of promise.

Went to bed relatively early, but had a lot of stuff whirling around in my head. That said, a good day overall. Looking forward to the rest of the week.
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