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A Geek Evening

Something really neat happened yesterday, something that brought a bit of sunshine and spark to an otherwise gloomy couple of days.

As a fan of the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rpg fan, I had ordered the new boxed set for the game, Aliens and Creatures, that has been overdue for some time. The product has been delayed at least twice now, but will be out in the boxed set form the end of August (or so says the announcement on the Cubicle 7 website).

However, as a treat for those of us who pre-ordered the product, I received a free code from the folks at Cubicle 7 for the PDF version of the product. You can buy a copy of the Aliens and Creatures PDF from the folks at RPGNow, and boy is this product good!

I spent most of last evening perusing/reading the PDF, and have to say the material is lovely, has a few disappointments and some wonderful surprises, but the highlight of the material for me was the new set of rules for creating Star Systems, Planets, and their Inhabitants. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

The work I should have been doing for Desolation got put on hold last night, so that I could geek out on the new DW: AiTaS material. Made the gloomy attitude over the last couple of days vanish, and it was fun to just geek out somewhat. Just fabulous material to read and enjoy. Looking forward to the paper version in August, and the next boxed set on UNIT likely in December.

I need more evenings like that! :)
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