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Origins and GenCon Thoughts - and Question

As most of the gaming world knows, this weekend is the Origins Game Fair , being held in Columbus, Ohio from June 23rd to the 27th. On the heels of this, the GenCon game convention is coming up from August 5th through the 8th in about a month and a bit.

While I haven't been to an Origins in a good 15 years or so, I did go to GenCon back in 2008, and am planning to go to GenCon 2011, and I have a question for the folks who go to both conventions year after year...

How do you manage to do this? I mean, both conventions are huge, but they're separated by about a month. How do folks manage to refuel the personal tank, so to speak, and manage to go to both conventions?

And, if you had to choose between them, which convention, Origins or GenCon, would you go to, and why?
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