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Cheechoo's Career Done?

Reading the newspaper this morning, and came across this piece that I also found in the on-line version of the newspaper:

Sens Buyout Probably Ends Cheechoo's Career

For me, this is a really sad ending to Jonathan Cheechoo's career here in Ottawa. Cheechoo was obtained in the trade that sent the recalcitrant Dany Heatley to the San Jose Sharks, and once he arrived in Ottawa, Cheechoo never really performed and had absolutely no confidence in his own play. Personally, I think the Ottawa Senators gave up on Cheechoo way too soon. He had a rough few years towards the end in San Jose, and then had the task of adjusting to the Senators once he'd been traded, and tremendous pressure on him to perform. I'm not sure Cheechoo was a good fit in Ottawa, as coach Cory Clouston seems to emphasise a defensive approach, and while Cheechoo can be very good defensively, he just never really had a chance to make a dent with Ottawa.

Sad to see him go. I'm hoping that Jonathan Cheechoo ends up with another NHL team willing to take a chance on him, that is a better fit for the guy. I'll be watching the rest of his career, if any, to see what happens.

In the meantime, have to hope that Ottawa does something to help itself in the Free Agency Frenzy that begins tomorrow.
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