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Invite to My Ottawa RPG Friends on LJ

For those of my LiveJournal friends who are also roleplaying gamers and live in the Ottawa area, I would like to extend you an invite.

This weekend is my birthday, and as part of the tradition of my birthday, the players in both my Friday and Sunday gaming groups are kind enough to run a game on the respective days during the week of my birthday as a present to me, so that I get to do a bit of gaming.

Thus, I would like to extend an invite to any rpg friends living in the Ottawa area whom I know from LiveJournal to drop by on Sunday for the game. spross is running a one-shot game of Desolation as his birthday present to me, and I figure that Tammy and I would like a few more players to join us for the game. There are no birthday prezzies or cards required, just want to have a couple of extra players at the table.

If anyone wants to take me up on this offer, please get back to me at my e-mail address, johnk100 at sympatico dot ca . I'll let you know time and place.
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