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Bluesfest Announces Line-Up

It's that time of year to plan out some of the stuff that I want to do this summer, and I gotta say the various concerts that are coming to Ottawa this year are stellar. However, what I want to talk about is Bluesfest.

The Ottawa Bluesfest is running from July 5th to the 15th, 2007 this year, and has moved out to the open air venues of old in Britannia. The folks from BluesFest announced their roster of performers yesterday, and boy are folks in for a treat this year... Bob Dylan, Kanye West, Amanda Rheaume, INXS (!!), Leahy, Metric, The Sam Roberts Band, Sarah Harmer, The Steve Miller Band, and Xavier Rudd are just a few of the performers who are gonna play the festival this year.

Bluesfest here in Ottawa is one of the friendliest, most pleasant experiences that I have had in past years, and for those who can make it to the nation's capital for the two weeks of the Ottawa Bluesfest, I highly recommend the experience. I know what I'm doing for a couple of weeks in July, for sure. Really looking forward to feeling the Blues this year! :)
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