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My Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day, for those who missed it.

I missed it, pretty much completely. Yesterday, I did absolutely nothing.

I watched another couple of Primeval episodes from Series 3 on dvd. The seventh and eighth ones, to be specific, and to be honest, I've been really enjoying the episodes despite the fact that Douglas Henshall (Nick Cutter) and Lucy Brown (Claudia Brown/Jenny Lewis) are both out of the series. Still don't like Jason Flemyng's Danny Quinn, but Laila Rouass more than makes up for that. :)

I did some reading. Started re-reading the Desolation post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg rulebook, as I feel I need a bit of a refresher course on the rules. I re-read a couple of my favourite stories from the anthology The Faerie Reel edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.

I went out for a walk a couple of times, since the weather wasn't all that hot or anything, but didn't bother seeing fireworks and the like this year. I was glad there was no World Cup football on, as my headache from the vuvuzelas has finally gone away. :)

Finally, I managed to keep up with the NHL Free Agent Frenzy day happenings, with the highs, the lows, the shocks, and the surprises of the Draft. All told, a pretty boring day.
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