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Birthday Weekend, Day 1

One of the things that I really like around this time of year is that, other than at gaming conventions and the like, I actually get to play in an rpg or two rather than be the one running it.

So that said, Friday night was really special to me, as I was going over to Kathy and SteveB's place to game, and I was actually going to play.

I left the house around 5:30 pm and headed over to their place out in West End Ottawa. Once I got there, we sat around, chatted about games and other stuff, and SteveB and Kathy told the others some stories about how long they've known me. The fact that she was my girlfriend way back when before she and SteveB got together and eventually married makes the stories...more interesting. :)

Kathy had whipped up a lovely meal to celebrate my birthday - steak, with baked potatoes, and fresh green salad - and we gathered around 6:15 pm and ate together. Lovely meal all told. We had some fresh berries for dessert, but not too much, as there was still other stuff to come later. Lovely refreshing meal, and we had a bit of alcohol as well. SteveB and I had a black russian each while the rest of the gang drank wine. Except for Ellie, who got lemonade (which the rest of us had later as well).

And then we got down to the gaming. Nick was running Desolation this night, and I was rather looking forward to it. You can read about last year's game by following the link, and about my character, Sakhut of Ridge River here. The group got to play the same characters they played for the adventure that Nick ran last year, and we all had a good time. We started off together travelling along a river, and encountered some beat-up soldiers who attacked us, trying to steal our stuff, and then things escalated from there.

Suffice it to say that by the time we stopped for tea and cake around 10:00 pm (Ellie had already had her treat; give her too much sugar before she goes to bed, and my goddaughter bounces off the walls all night!), we had had a really good game session and I had enjoyed myself tremendously. Kathy presented us with... Blackforest cupcakes!! Not store bought cupcakes, but homemade cupcakes. Yummy! :) We had the cupcakes with a bit of alcohol again, and I had a small, petit amount of Bailey's Irish Cream with two Blackforest cupcakes. The funniest moment of the night occurred when SteveB wanted a second cupcake and Kathy started to give him this look. He then stared at her and said, "I'm feeling peckish", and she didn't say a word, as he had the second cupcake.

After snacking away and talking for a bit, we got back to the Desolation game, and broke up around 12:15 am. After some birthday best wishes and a smooch from Kathy and Joanne, I managed to drive back to the house, and got home around 12:35 am or so, and tidied up a bit around the house. Sleep was pretty dreamless, other than something about a giant Blackforest cake, fences, carrion reapers (a creature from the Desolation game system), and some other stuff. Obviously, too much sugar before bed! :)

Had a good game, all told, and an even better night! :)
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