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Birthday Weekend, Day 3

So, Sunday started off at about 8:00 am. I'm really sad that I don't seem to be able to sleep seriously late on weekend mornings, especially given that I'm not getting a lot of sleep at night these days. Already extremely warm when I got up, the day was another summer scorcher, 34oC (93oF) with a humidex of 42oC (108oF). Had a very good breakfast of an Eggbeaters omelette with onions and mushrooms, some decaf coffee, and a yogurt.

Checked the e-mail, discovered that my Echofon software for Twitter wasn't working properly, but still managed to do a couple of things in that regard. While it was Independence Day down in the U.S. of A., for me this was just part of the long weekend, and a bit of a chance to game once more, as spross was going to run a game as my birthday present. I showered and cleaned up a bit in the house, puttered around a bit, and had a deli sandwich with some homemade cucumber salad on the side for lunch. Did a bit more cleaning up, and was pretty much ready for the group when they arrived.

I had hoped that several other folks might join us for gaming, given the posts I had done up both here on my blog and in my tweets, but folks had to back out due to other committments and the like, and so only spross and Tammy were able to make it out. Good thing spross was one of the folks to come out, as he was running the game! :) We took some photos with an instant camera of stuff, including the cake, Tammy (I've never been able to post any photos of her at game), combinations of the three of us in the photos, the game table set-up, and a few other things before we started.

I was looking forward to the game, as spross was going to run some Desolation. Hey, I was getting to play it, not run it, twice during the course of the three days! Yay, me! :) Once we were settled around the table, spross started off the scenario. It was actually an interesting adventure, as he took a Slipstream scenario and gave it his version of a Desolation twist. Not too bad, not too good, but adequate. Tammy and I were playing the same characters we had played when he ran Desolation last year (the less said about it, the better), so I got to play my craftsman, Tesro Haldane, again. Memo to self: Post him up here and let folks see the character. We gamed until just after 4:00 pm, and spross was able to wrap up the scenario pretty much, and then broke for cake. After Blackforest cake, a bit of Bailey's Irish Cream, and some tea (in my case Chai), we chatted and gabbed about the game for some time, and talked about a few other things.

Around 7:00 pm, we headed over to the restaurant of choice for this evening, Montana's. With good conversation, I had an excellent meal consisting of splitting an order of garlic cheesebread, and then a salad with balsamic vinegrette. Tammy and I split a chicken fajitas, while spross had an 8 oz. steak. Given that we had all had Blackforest cake, we decided to skip dessert, and just sat and chatted for a bit. Around 9:10 pm or so, we split from the restaurant.

spross dropped me off at the house around 9:30 pm, and he picked up the slice of cake for his mother before heading home. I was somewhat...hyper (no doubt from the sugar and all), and decided to watch another couple of episodes of the Brit series UFO before going to bed, since I did have to go to work the next morning for a partial day. So, I crashed out finally around 12:20 am.

Good birthday weekend overall, and I had a really good time. Got to play in one of my favourite rpgs, had some good company, good food, and good (Blackforest) cake! What more could a guy ask for?
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