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Thoughts of the (Hot) Day

Another scorching day in the Ottawa valley, with no respite in sight. Being Type 2 diabetic, this weather is not helping how I feel. I feel as though I've been drinking gallons of water, even though I haven't.

Add to that the fact that the air conditioner in the house is not functioning properly (one half of the system seems to not be blowing or fanning air, cold or otherwise), and that's just adding to my misery when I go home. I've got a fan in the bedroom and a manual fan, so the nights have not been too bad, but this is just the start of the summer.

Tonight at the Ottawa Bluesfest, MonkeyJunk (swamp blues and r&b music) is playing, and I've been thinking of going to see the show, but am just not sure whether I should given the sheer heat and humidity and all. Tomorrow night is another matter entirely, as several bands I want to see are performing, but the big attraction for me tomorrow night is Renaissance. I am going to that, hot weather or no.

The only other good news to pass along at the moment is that I received my copies of the new Doctor Who DVDs of "The Space Museum", "The Chase", "The Time Monster", "Underworld", and "The Horns of Nimon" in yesterday's post, so have some stuff to watch. :)
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