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Desolation Character - Tesro Haldane

As I promised in this post, I am posting here, for the folks who want to see him, my character from spross's Desolation game, Tesro Haldane. For those who aren't interested in roleplaying games, he's behind the cut.


Motivation: To make life better for people in the After by finding things they need to live. Return to Amberfell and find his family. Continue to be a wood crafter.

Personality: Tesro is honest to a fault and is very hard working. He is cautious when he needs to be, and is somewhat shy around women he doesn't know. He has a good sense of right and wrong. He won't take advantage of those who need items that he can sell them. Not all that much of a humanitarian, but has a good streak.

History: Born in the village of Amberfell, he had a loving wife and 2-year-old son, but believes they died during the Night of Fire. He was a wood carver of good repute, and learned to use the axe as a weapon from his mentor when he was young. Tesro was in the village of Kevli when the Night of Fire occurred, and he spent the Long Winter in the cave system with the other villagers, despite his worry and concern for his family. He did what he could for the villagers, but after the Thaw set out to try and return home. He is travelling with an elf called Woodbait and a Jherlinder, Heather Greyfalls.

Description:: (Basic) Age 24. 5'7" tall, 158 lbs.; dark brown eyes, light brown hair, weather-worn features.

Tesro Haldane

Race: Human
Archetype: Craftsman
Motivation: Help others, find his family, make a life as a woodcrafter.

Experience: 0
Style: 3
Health: 6

Body 3
Dexterity 3
Strength 3
Charisma 2
Intelligence 2
Willpower 3

Size 0
Move 6
Perception 7
Initiative 5
Defense 6
Stun 3

SKILLS (Base/Level/Rating/(Average))

Athletics 3/2/5/(2+)
-Throwing 6/(3)
Craft: Woodworking 2/2/4/(2)
Melee 2/3/5/(2+)
-Axes 6/(3)
Scavenge 2/3/5/(2+)
Stealth 3/2/5/(2+)
Survival 2/2/4/(2)

Alertness (+2 to Perception)
Iron Will (+1 to Willpower)


Honest (+1 Style point whenever his honesty gets him or his companions into trouble)

Cushu (Native), Ascondean

WEAPONS [Weapon/Rating/Size/Attack/(Average))

Dagger (x5) 1L/0/6L/(3)L
Hand Axe 2L/0/8L/(4)L
Throwing knife 1l/0/8L/(4)L Range 10'

Basic clothes; quart waterskin; warm cloak; boots; woodworking kit; dagger
(x5); hand axe; leather belt pouch; amber charm w/ brass chain;
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