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A Sunday of Desolation and the Blues

Had a pretty good Sunday.

Started the day off at around 9:30 am, and had a breakfast of hot croissants and café au lait. Yummy! :)

Did some basic prep for the game of Desolation that I was to run on the Sunday group. Meant to do more than what I did, but because I actually slept in, didn't have enough time to do tons of work and all on it. Ate lunch, waited for the gaming group to arrive, and then got on with the game. I'll be posting up a separate blog about the game some time later, maybe today, but more likely during the week to come.

After the gaming group had left for the day, SteveB and Kathy called and asked if I was wanting to go out and see some more of the Ottawa Bluesfest. While I was a bit tired, I thought it would be a good idea, and there were a couple of bands on Sunday that I wanted to see, so...

They arrived at the house just after six, and we dashed off for the Bluesfest grounds. While I had wanted to see Amanda Rheaume once more, that just wasn't in the cards, since she was playing around 6:00 pm or so, but we went and saw Levon Helm and John Hiatt.

It turned out that both John Hiatt and Levon Helm were going to perform on the same stage, the Subway stage, and so that was really good. John Hiatt performed on stage first, around 7:15 pm or so, and put on a really good show. I find that he has a very soulful voice, and he was in top form last night, able to hold the high end notes like a gospel singer. He led the band into some of his big hits, incuding "Crossing Muddy Waters", and "Drive South". Excellent music. Levon Helm and his band took the stage for the next show on that stage, and had a huge band, 10 pieces I think. Just fabulous music, and I got the suprise of my life at the end of the show when John Hiatt joined him and the band on-stage for a spectacular version of "The Weight". There was a tuba solo (!!) in it, and some great vocals. The biggest problem I had during the Levon Helm show was the sound bleed from the Rush show, which started around 9:00 pm or so, but Glen Hansard (I didn't know his music, but he was part of Swell Season) joined Levon Helm and John Hiatt for a rendition of "I Shall Be Released" that prettty much drowned out Rush. Both shows were pretty terrific, and I got home around 12:20 am. So it was another night of not a lot of sleep before work, but I had a good time.

Anyway, time for another cup of chai tea. :)


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