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Friday Desolation Game Report

I have been remiss this week about posting the report on the Friday night gaming group and the game of Desolation that they are currently involved in. Because of my birthday and the Ottawa Bluesfest, I haven't run the game in almost a month, so Friday night's game was a joy for me in that I got back to running one of my favourite rpgs out there.

You can read about the previous session in the game I'm currently running with them at the link. Since this post is quite long, I've put most of it behind a cut for those who don't care about these game sessions.

The player characters wake the next morning after an uneventful night's sleep. The party packs their belongings, but before they depart, they have a conversation with Barm Vaks about his direction sense and where he is leading them. Barm assures the characters, notably Kiarra Foxten and Torvu Peng, that he is leading them in the direction of Wilkerson Dale. Following Barm's lead, the group set off once more.

The player characters and Keana travel for several hours, and find themselves on the edge of what appears to be a large forest. Barm tells the others that he believes this may well be the large forest that lies to the north of Wilkerson Dale, but that he's not sure. The characters spot some wild animals in the area, squirrels, hedgehogs, and a few boars, and choose to spend several hours hunting. They bring down enough game animals to give each character two (2) meals each, and then take the time to skin the beasts. The party continues to travel on, and skirt the forest on the western side, and stops several hours later to camp for the night.

The night passes relatively quiety, although during his watch, Torvu Peng observes some odd whitish lights in the forest that appear to be moving. He wakes his fellow travellers up, and they discover that Keana has left the camp, without Peng having seen her leave. Barm Vaks quickly sets about tracking her down, while a worried Kiarra is told by Devron Sharpis that she should stay in the camp with Teela Goran. Barm, Torvu, and Devron head off into the woods in pursuit of the girl. They quickly come upon Keana, as she watches the strange lights in the forest. The characters are horrified to see that these lights in the forest have tentacle-like structures; where they touch something, the objects or animals turn to stone. The characters beat a hasty retreat with young Keana out of the woods, but are relieved to see that the lights do not pursue them. The party spends a very concerned, but otherwise uneventful night by the edge of the forest.

The morning dawns bright and cool, warming up as the characters start off on their travels. The characters skirt the forest on the east side, and continue on their way. Entering a small copse of woods rather than go around it, the player characters are attacked by a pair of forest fishers. The player characters kill the forest fishers with relative ease, but Torvu Peng, who had one of the creatures drop onto his shoulder by surprise, takes a serious wound (4L damage). Using her medical skills, Teela Goran treats the wounds as best she can, and binds his injuries securely. The group eats a quick bit of food, and then sets off once more.

Continuing around the edge of the forest, the party comes upon a small stream or river. Barm tells the others that this is bound to lead down towards the valley in which Wilkerson Dale is sheltered, and they follow his lead. When the stream leads them to a set of hills and then vanishes into the undergrowth, a frustrated Torvu Peng turns on Barm Vaks, and the two nearly come to blows. The party is interrupted as their attention is diverted by several ragged goblins that attack from the area of the brush-filled hillside. (Because of the player characters argument between Torvu and Barm, the goblins get a free round of surprise.) The player characters are forced to cooperate extremely well together, and Torvu and Barm are able to exercise teamwork while Devron Sharpis helps them make short work of the goblins. They loot the goblins of their tattered leather armour (+1 to Defense), a goblin bow, several days worth of tack, and a pair of knives, and a rusty sword. Teela Goran finds a small set of smooth pebble stones in a pouch, with some sort of symbols on them. She pockets them to keep for herself, but is seen to do so by Kiarra Foxten. Teela is forced to heal a ragged wound (3L damage) sustained by Devron, and she does so. The rest of the player characters rest up and wash off by the stream. They refill their waterskins. Once refreshed, the party of characters sets off once more.

The player characters continue the rest of the day with a period of uneventful travel. They make camp for the day by a small copse of trees in the hills, and relax, eating the goblin rations and having some of the game they have hunted the last few days. Barm Vaks and Torvu Peng make their peace, encouraged by Teela Goran. She is confronted by Kiarra about the bag of stones that she took off the body of one of the goblins. She shows the stones to Kiarra, and says that the symbols on them are Loranthian, and that she is hoping to find their true owner and return them to him or her. While Kiarra is satisfied with the story, she isn't sure that she believes Teela.

Morning dawns bright and crisp, but the day gradually warms up as the player characters continue their travels. Working their way through the hills, they come upon a series of ruined buildings of rotten wood and cracked stone. Devron and Torvu are intent on scavenging the ruins, much against the wishes of Teela and Barm, and the party does so after checking to make sure the ruins are as safe as they can be. The party finds several items of value - some clothing in good condition, a set of cooking utensils, and a spindle in good shape. While they decide not to carry more than they have on them, they conceal the items to the best of their ability and try to make sure they remember where they left them. Kiarra takes the cooking utensils, saying they're too valuable to leave behind, and splits them among the party. They continue on through the ruins, and make their way over the hills until they find themselves having to camp for the night.

The player characters set out the next morning in a fine fettle, and make good time as they continue through the forested hills. The player characters come upon a ruined camp, and descending into it in a small vale-like bole, see that it has a still smoking fire pit and several packs nearby. There are no signs of anyone, but Barm and Devron are alert. The characters are attacked by a pair of humans, concealed in the nearby brush, obviously down on their luck and in poor physical shape. Before they can engage what they think are ruffians, Devron and the player characters halt their attack, as they are surprised to learn the two men are Kain Taylor and Lian Rifords, both villagers from Wilkerson Dale.

The two villagers are surprised and glad to see the player characters, as they have been away from the village for way too long. Kain tells them that they have been out hunting, but had some bad luck and were attacked by a pair of goblins. Devron tells them about the goblins they fought, and Kain and Lian say that those might have been goblins from the same tribe. Kain tells the player characters that they are about four miles from Wilkerson Dale. Once they reach the forested bluffs above the valley that houses the village, it is but a short trip down through the trail until they can be home. After feeding Kain and Lian and giving them some water, the group sets off for the village.

It is roughly the early afternoon when the villagers of Wilkerson Dale are surprised to see Kain Taylor and Lian Rifords returning from their expedition north of the village, with six other individuals. Curiosity turns to joy and pleasure as they recognise the player characters for who them are. But for Kiarra Foxten, Devron Sharpis, Barm Vaks, Torvu Peng, and Teela Goran it is something else - it is home.

The players told me that they had a good time, with Joanne commenting that she enjoyed Desolation more and more every time she played it, and that she really likes the Ubiquity game system. I told them that this concluded the "travelogue" arc of stories that I had planned, and that the next few tales were going to keep them close to home in Wilkerson Dale, and would give them some unhappy events that were to unfold. (Talk about being ominous about what's coming up!) Once we wrapped up the scenario, I gave out the character's Experience points for the adventure, and let them spend their points. Overall, it was a pretty satisfying scenario, given the break that occurred for most of July, and I plan to keep running the Desolation game for the players next week.
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