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Another Sunday's Desolation Session Report

As per usual, I've fallen behind on all sorts of things this week. One of them is the Desolation report on last Sunday's game. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. As per usual, since the rpg game session notes may not appeal to all my journal readers, they are presented here behind the cut.

Slowly and methodically, Sandor teaches the children how to skin the river snake. Phedrin returns with young Patrik from the river, and tells the group what occurred there with the dead animal. (He makes the Resistance roll, and doesn't contract corpse rot.) The group discuss the matter, and because of the location of the dead animal at the river, decide to send Sandor back to Keveli to warn the villagers of the possible contamination of their water supply. Sandor departs hastily.

When the children ask the player characters what happened at the river and learn of the corpse rot threat, several of them panic. Sava attaches herself to Krenai, since Sandor is not there, and Krenai can see the girl is scared. In his panic, Danik flees in outright terror. While Krenai stays with the other children, Phedrin Mor starts to track Danik.

Phedrin tracks down Danik via the blatant trail he has left, and is almost attacked by the terror-filled boy when he does find him. He tries to calm Danik down, but is unsuccessful. They are distracted by the arrival of a small forest bear. While he instructs Danik to quickly climb the nearest tree, Phedrin faces off with the bear. The fight is fast and brutal, with Danik screaming his bloodthirsty encouragement as Phedrin kills the bear. The boy is obviously bloodthirsty, and when the fight is over, he whoops enthusiastically and actually thrusts his fingers into the spear wounds and anoints his face with the blood! Phedrin says nothing to the boy but picks up the bear, and after orienting himself, sets out for Krenai and the others once more with the excited Danik in tow.

The exhausted and battered Phedrin returns to the others along with Danik, having had to leave the bear corpse some 300 yards from the others. Krenai chastises him for the (lack of) "care" he took of Danik, and notably the life lesson about primalism that he taught the boy. She insists that the two clean themselves upstream at the river, after Sava berates Danik for being a bad boy. Phedrin leads Danik off, exploding at the boy momentarily about what Danik learned. Phedrin also accidentally admits to Danik that he made several mistakes while rescuing the boy. Once they wash up and return to Krenai and the others, Krenai sees that Danik is very confused.

Krenai checks over Danik, and sees that he's not really hurt but has patches of blood on him likely from the bear. She assigns the reluctant Anan to help Danik clean off the blood. She also gets the other children to gather up twigs and firewood in the area while she goes and tends to Phedrin's wounds (heals him of 4N damage). Once finished with Phedrin, she checks on the children and sees that Derun is looking after Danik, while Anan is gathering up wood.

Phedrin and Krenai debate what to do with the bear, and the two decide that they will need to move their camp. At that moment, Sandor returns from Keveli and learns from Phedrin what happened. He explodes at Phedrin, berating him for the manner in which he was more concerned about taking down the bear then dealing with Danik, and tears a strip off him in front of Krenai and the rest of the children. Sava asks Krenai if Sandor is right, and she reluctantly says "Yes." Krenai draws the attention of Sandor and Phedrin, and the former tells the latter that they're not done about this. He questions Phedrin's primal religious beliefs, but moreso from the point of view of what he's teaching the kids.

Once Sandor calms down, he tells the kids that it's to move out, and that they're to take the twigs and branches with them as well as their belongings. Tom whines about the load, but Krenai ignores the whining and shows him and the others the proper way to carry the wood. Sava and Danik are told by Sandor they they won't be carrying wood, but Sava wants to help, so Krenai says that she can carry twigs.

The player characters, Sandor, and the children set off. Krenai, Phedrin, and Sandor explain to the kids about why they have to move the camp and about the bear. The three talk about what they're teaching Danik and that he's "acting bloodthirsty like an orc"; if this continues, he may well be thrown out of Keveli. Sandor says that they need to teach him the proper way to hunt, as well as respect for the hunt. Changing the topic, Sandor asks Phedrin why they have gone for the river route, as all who try to go to the river source disappear. Before they can discuss this further, Krenai notices that two of the children are missing: Vacul and Derun.

The three decide that Sandor will stay with the children, and so Phedrin and Krenai go in pursuit of the two missing boys. Given that it's now dark, once they are out of range of the rest of the children, Krenai uses her magic to give herself the night vision of the wolf. She easily finds the tracks of Vacul and Derun, and Phedrin realises the two boys are heading for the bear carcass. After tracking them for several minutes, they see there are new tracks paralleling the boys' course; Phedrin knows they are skoron tracks. Looking at Krenai, Phedrin and the warlander quicken their pace.

The two stop upon hearing whispered talk from up ahead. They see the two boys concealed behind shrubs/bushes, and sneak up on the two children cautiously, fortunately with Vacul and Derun hearing them come up behind them. They see the bear being fed upon by a small pack of skorons. Phedrin and Krenai convince the two boys to leave quietly and the four of them try to do so, but Krenai steps on a heavy branch that cracks loudly. They are noticed by the four skoron scouts/guards, and they alert the ones that are scavenging. Krenai gets the group to slowly back away and to keep going. The skoron scouts pursue them, but eventually let them depart peacefully.

Once out of the range of the skorons, Krenai, Phedrin, and the two children head back to join up with the others. Vacul tells Phedrin and Krenai that he sa how much they had wanted the bear meat, and he went to get some. Derun says that he accompanied him because common sense said not to let Vacul go alone. Krenai and Pedrin discuss how best to punish the two, but Krenai says that Derun was partially right in that he went with Vacul, but that they should have told the three adults what they were planning. Derun sees Krenai's yellow wolf eyes, and realises that she is a spell caster. She reluctantly confirms this, and then notices for the first time that Derun has a slightly magical aura to him - she realises that Derun has Primalist potential. After she talks to them, both Derun and Vacul agree to keep her secret.

Krenai, Phedrin, Derun, and Vacul return to where they left Sandor and the other children. They are not there, but Krenai can make out the light of a fire some way up ahead. They are greeted by Sandor and the other children when they reach the firelit area, but Phedrin unfortunately trips one of the snare cords that Sandor left out; fortunately, he is not hurt. Sandor resets the trap, and the party eats their evening meal and settles down for the night.

Both Tammy and spross had a pretty good time with this session, and quite a bit was actually accomplished, even though the party made almost no progress towards the forested hills for the actual hunt. Both players are enjoying the interaction with the various children, and astute readers may have noticed that I had Sandor disappear for parts of the session, so that I could concentrate a bit more on the player characters and the interaction with the children.

In any event, looking forward to tomorrow's game session! :)
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