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Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) at CanGames

As noted in my journal entry here, I'll be running some Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) rpg stuff at CanGames this year. Well, the CanGames schedule has been updated to include the HEX rpgs that I'm running, so I'm quite pleased now.

The information for the scenario is as follows:

The Secret of Qechacua Lake
Time Slots: Friday 7-11 pm, Sunday 2-6 pm
Level: 1 (Played rpgs before; rules will be taught)
Players: 6
Running Time: 4 hours
Description: Stranded in a strange, fantastical prehistoric world, your group of intrepid adventurers hear of a possible means of escaping the Hollow Earth. But what deadly secrets does this Lake conceal? And is there truly a way to return to the Surface World? Try out this Pulp RPG set in the 1930's. Prizes provided by GM.

The time slots for the game are actually as noted above, but in the pre-con Schedule as per the link above, the Sunday session is erroneously listed as occurring on Saturday afternoon. I'm also planning to run another session of Hollow Earth Expedition as an introductory demo for novices to the game and rpging, probably using the scenario out of the HEX rulebook.

Anyway, hope to see some of the folks from the LJ community at the convention, and perhaps some of the folks reading this will sign up for the HEX games.
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