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What I Did on the Long Weekend...

Had a pretty good long weekend.

Spent Friday evening and Sunday afternoon gaming with the two groups respectively. Both groups are playing Desolation, and the two games are going well. Will post up the latest journal reports on the two games when I get a chance.

Saturday was spent doing a bit of reading non-game related stuff, some grocery shopping, and going with spross to pick up a birthday card for my mom. Her birthday's coming up on August 4th. I also watched some Babylon 5. It's been a while since I watched the series, so I started off with the original, 2-hour movie, and three of the first season episodes. Good television, that series was.

Sunday morning was just a day to relax for the morning, and take care of stuff around the house. Around 11:00 am, I got ready for the game of Desolation, and after the Sunday group left, settled down to make some dinner. Watched one of my summertime vices, Big Brother, on the tube, as well as the Virginia Madsen series, Scoundrels. I have no idea whether the Scoundrels series will be picked up for a new season, but it's entertaining as heck. Also did a bit of light reading as well before bed.

Monday, a wonderful day off, was too hot and humid for my taste. I did some house cleaning, three loads of laundry, and some catch-up on my gaming notes and sessions for the Desolation game. In addition, I got to look at the copy of the PDF of the new rpg All For One: Régime Diabolique, since spross bought it, and am really liking what I've seen. I've got two copies of the game on order from Cubicle 7, and can't wait for the paper version of the game to arrive in my mailbox. Definitely another winner in the Ubiquity game line for sure.

Had a very good stir fry with chicken and lots of vegetables for supper last night, and relaxed during the evening with two more episodes of Babylon 5, and some more light reading.

Overall, a pretty good, relatively relaxing long Civic holiday weekend. Didn't sleep well a couple of nights, but that's the story of my life these days, or so it seems, but still, got in some reading, some relaxing, and some gaming. What more can a guy ask for? :)
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