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A Case of Food Poisoning

The night before last, I ate a portion of a small section of apple pie that I had purchased at a Farm Boy here in Ottawa. It had a bit of one of those sugar frosting things sprinkled on it, and I thought it was pretty good and didn't notice anything odd about it or the taste of the pie.

Most of yesterday I felt pretty rotten. Sick to my stomach, running to the bathroom for a large part of the day (and later the evening) with bad diarrhea, and feeling generally unwell with some abdominal discomfort. I thought to myself, "What did you eat yesterday?, 'cause it feels like food poisoning..." When I finally came home from work, I checked the fridge, and lo and behold... the piece of apple pie that was left in the fridge had mold all over the interior of the pie filling! Definitely a case of food poisoning.

In any event, I was pretty ill most of yesterday evening, and spent much of the time again on the toilet and just relaxing. Drank scads of liquid in an effort to get the vile infection out of my system. It seems to have worked, as I spent a relatively good night yesterday, and even managed to get some six hours of sleep. The stomach and bowel areas feel fine this morning, and I don't feel as bad as I did most of yesterday.

In the meantime, you can bet your ass that today I'm taking the remains of the apple pie (with the mold) back into Farm Boy and have a discussion with them about this. :(
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