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Game Order Update

Re: my post about yesterday.

Just got home about twenty minutes ago, and the bad news is that the package of stuff that I'm waiting for did not come.

The better news is that I called the folks at Cubicle 7 over in England (yes, it's about 6:16 pm there right now, and Angus was still in the office), and managed to speak with angusabranson. Angus did some checking on the order for me, and the good news is that it was mailed to the correct shipping address, and that it did go out some time early last week. He explained to me, satisfactorily I might add, what has happened with the other pair of folks in my gaming groups that got their shipments this week, shipments that I mentioned in the previous journal entry. I'm not going into details on the rest of the conversation that I had with him about various stuff, but suffice it to say that my anger and annoyance about the whole business have dissipated completely, although I am still extremely disappointed about the slowness in this affair.

In good news, I did receive my copy of the new Desolation game supplement, Desolation: Journeys, Before and After, and have started perusing that book. Lovely stuff, so far, and offers some interesting choices. Looking forward to incorporating it into my current campaigns, definitely.
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