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The Weird Weekend That Was...

This past weekend was one of those crazy weekends where good things happen and where weird things happen.

Friday night, the gaming group continued to play the current Desolation scenario that they are gaming in, and it was an eventful night. As noted in this post, we had a new player in the game, Angela Marsh, and she proved to be a really good player for someone who had only played a few sessions of D&D and a bit of Werewolf back in the day. It was a very good session of gaming, and you'll be able to read about what happened when I post the blog entry about the game here in a day or so.

Sunday's game of Desolation, on the other hand, was an interesting turnabout that wrapped up the scenario. spross's character, Phedrin Mor, died a heroic death trying to rescue one of the children hunters that they've been teaching, and I think in many ways that spross considers it a blessing that his character died, given some of the trials and tribulations he's had about the character, both in and out of game over the past few weeks. With the scenario at an end, it's time to turn to the future, but you can read about the Sunday game session in a blog entry some time later this week, too. (I haven't had time to transcribe the game session onto the computer yet, so...)

In between and around these gaming sessions other stuff has happened to.

First off, Saturday night, I burned a perfectly great steak in the oven and then had to spend an hour or so cleaning out the oven itself. Thank Goddess for oven cleaners these days. I ended up making a second steak (I'm not the type to give up on a Saturday night steak), and had a good meal of it.

I borrowed spross's copy of All For One: Régime Diabolique Saturday night to browse through, and I rather like the game and have every intention of running it at some point. It's pretty typical of the Ubiquity line of games, has a marvellous setting, some interesting additional new rules, and looks pretty good. And no, in terms of the ongoing story about my order of the book (see this journal entry for the last info on it), I haven't heard anything new other than that angusabranson is working on trying to get replacement copies sent out to me.

Finally, an interesting development. You remember my post raving about the Shadow, Sword & Spell in this entry? Well, I've managed to impress the folks at Rogue Games enough with my past credits on games and the like and my attitude about the game that I've been asked to edit the next product for the game, the Shadow, Sword & Spell Expert book. Now that the contract is signed and all, I can actually mention it here on my blog and elsewhere. I'm quite proud of this, an am pleased to report that there will be a few other products for Rogue Games that I hope to edit down the road as well. Richard Iorio II and the folks at Rogue Games. It promises to be an interesting fall for sure. :)

And for those interested... The ankle is feeling somewhat better, though is still a bit swollen, but there's still some pain. I haven't really been able to stay off it all that long during the time since I hurt myself, 'cause of work committments and other stuff. In the meantime, I just soldier on and do what I have to. And put ice on the ankle when I have the chance, and take Tylenol when it's really bad.
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