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My RPG Game Order Update III

Good news, folks.

As many of you remember, I had ordered some rpg game stuff from the good folks at Cubicle 7, and the order got frelled. You can read my last report on the state of the order here.

Well, the good new is that I spoke to angusabranson on Monday, and received e-mails from him on Tuesday that a complete reshipment of the order went out this week. So imagine my surprise when I get home from work on Thursday just as FexEx arrives with a nice package - the reshipment order of all the game material, two copies of All For One: Régime Diabolique, an extra copy of Atomic Highway and the new supplement for that game, Irradiated Freaks, and a copy of ICONS. Great stuff.

And well protected. I opened the rather large box to find a whole whackload of packing peanuts in it. Moving them aside, I did not find the rpg books themselves, but a smaller box that had packing peanuts on both sides with the game books inside.

I am really grateful to Angus for sorting out the stuff with the Cubicle 7 order as rapidly as could be expected, given the stuff with the move of offices and the change in shipping and the new warehouse and distribution system. I am content.

And now, to prepare for tonight's game of Desolation.
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