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No Twitter for Awhile

I am without a Twitter feed for the moment.

Sunday, a new upgrade for the Echofon software that I use with my Ubuntu laptop at home came in and I installed it. Silly me. It's now telling me that "Echofon does not support this platform or build of Firefox" or some such, and so I have to manually go on the Twitter page. However, the site is over capacity quite a bit this morning, and I just don't have the patience for it. In the meantime, just got to hope that Echofon corrects this version of the software sooner rather than later.

So, no Twitter for a while. (Well, at least not in any detail.)

Therefore, if folks have something they want me to know about from Twitter, or any of my Twitter folks need to get in touch with me, e-mail is the best way, or you can leave me a Twitter DM and I'll get back to you.
Tags: computer, personal, software, twitter

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