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State of the Laptop, and Twitter

Well, as noted in this post of yesterday, I had a major glitch with my Dell laptop running Linux Ubuntu, and lost all of my sound and multimedia capabilities.

After I finally calmed down somewhat, I actually managed to find a solution to the problem with the help of several of my friends here on LiveJournal, notably hub_ and absinthe_dot_ca. Offers of much praise and gratitude to the two of you, mates! :)

In any event, the laptop is functioning much as it did before this whole fiasco went down, with the exception that I no longer have Echofon on the laptop, and thus no means of keeping track of my Twitter statuses and all. What this means is that my Twitter presence will be seriously curtailed until I find a piece of software for doing this that I like enough, and can make sure that it installs safely.

In the meantime, there is work to be done here in the office, and gaming travails to be done when I get home today, before running tonight's session of Desolation.
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