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HEX and Hockey

Had a pretty good weekend, with a few things happening.

Gaming on both Friday night and Sunday afternoon was kind of cool. The two gaming groups did the final playtesting of the Hollow Earth Expedition scenario that I'm going to run at CanGames, "The Secret of Lake Qechacua". There were a couple of issues that I needed to resolve in terms of the scenario's ending, and the two playtests did that remarkably well. Ironed out a few bugs while I was at it, and will have to make a few adjustments in the stats and numbers for the characters, NPCs, and creatures, but the scenario now works pretty well. It would make a good HEX campaign scenario as well, with a few modifications.

Caught the Ottawa Senators and New Jersey Devils game Saturday night, and was disappointed with the Sens 3-2 loss in double overtime. The Sens played terrible hockey for the first period, and Martin Brodeur was terrific against them for the final two periods and the one and a bit periods of overtime. Tough loss for the Sens, but I hope they bounce back tonight.

Other than that and taking my mother shopping (since she's lost her car license for the moment), I am somewhat exhausted and all. At least I'm doing all right on the Metformin right now, so things could be worse.
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