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Blood Tests, Breakfast, and Work

Been a busy morning so far today.

Went for my blood tests early this morning, before heading for the office, and the lady who took the blood did such a great job that I never even felt the jab of the needle. Six vials of my fine red stuff. Sheesh! I've stopped going to the independent clinic that I used to make the hike to for these tests, and go to the hospital, as they do such a better job drawing the blood and not damaging the veins of my arms. When you have these tests done ever three months or so, that kind of thing matters.

After the blood tests, I went to Denny's for breakfast, and had a good meal. Two egg omelette, with a side of grilled veggies, a pair of rashers of bacon, and two buttermilk pancakes with sugar-free syrup. Washed it down with my morning dose of pills, and decided to wait on coffee until I got to the office. Came in to work to a pile of stuff on my desk, and had a cup of decaf coffee with 1% milk, and then got down to work. So far, so good, and a productive morning for sure.
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