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Some Roleplaying Thoughts

Home from work, finally. It has been a long week, lots of stuff going on at the office, and the project that I'm working on has been somewhat difficult for me, which is strange, as this is unusual for me with the translation stuff that I do.

This evening promises to be good fun. The Friday night gaming group will be starting off their Shadow, Sword & Spell game tonight, with some additional samples of combat, and then getting into the first adventure proper. They've also expressed an interest in creating their characters for another game system as well, but that will stay secret for the moment, at least until after this happens, so I can discuss it then.

I've got the basic framework for running both the Friday and Sunday games of Shadow, Sword & Spell set up, so that's good. While I need to work on the specifics of the adventures and all, I find that I'm struggling these days to focus on actual adventure stuff and doing the little bits and pieces that need to be done before running an actual game session. Not really worried about this, as I find that "on a wing and a prayer" gaming these days is more fun than running pre-written scenarios, but that's another subject.

In the meantime, I apologise again for not posting up the game session journal entries, but I haven't really been all that motivated to do so. I will get around to this at some point, but it just doesn't seem to be a priority for me right now. Expect a spate of them when I do get motivated to do so.
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