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A Trip to Fandom II

My friend, spross and I went into Ottawa's gaming store, Fandom II (not a great website, but what can you do?), this afternoon.

The reason for doing so is because based on several reviews and good comments that I've heard, I decided to pick up both the Barbarians of Lemuria rpg and the Barbarians of the Aftermath supplement, and it turned out when I called Fandom II on Friday, they had both books in stock.

What came as a real surprise to me when I went into Fandom was the fact that they also had copies of two games that I ordered from Cubicle 7 recently, Hellcats & Hockeysticks and Summerland. While they had them at reasonable prices, I don't tend to buy all that much stuff from Fandom II these days for a variety of reasons, preferring to purchase rpgs on-line if possible, or in other shoppes and all.

That said, you may have noticed here something that all of the rpgs I've just mentioned share in common - they're all games published by or distributed and published by Cubicle 7. Between the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, The Laundry Files, and now these various games that I've bought or have on order from them, Cubicle 7 is *the* game publisher these days in my book. And their service is absolutely terrific (marring a glitch or two that I had with them).

And why did I want Barbarians of the Aftermath, you ask? Because it seems to offer an interesting, simple system for running post-apocalyptic science fiction games, with one of the funkiest post-apocalyptic setting generators that I've read about (and now seen) in ages. Just neat stuff! :)
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