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Diabetes Clinic Appointment

Yesterday's specialist appointment at the Diabetes Clinic went much better than I expected.

It turns out that my blood sugar count, the a1c test, showed that my a1c has gone down. It's still somewhat higher than it should be, but considering some of my bad eating habits the last six months or so, I was amazed that it actually dropped. My cholesterol levels are getting much better, though my triglycerides are up somewhat, but still within the expected ranges. The doctor decided to increase my dose of Glumetza slightly, by an extra pill, but leave me on the 3-1/2 pills dose of Diamicron for the moment.

What it comes down to is that I have to get back to some sort of diet... umm, sorry, lifestyle habits that include eating healthier foods and getting in some exercise. Losing some weight would be good, too. If I can lose some weight (I need to take off around 20 lbs. or so), that will help with the diabetes tremendously, and as the doctor said, might allow me to cut down or out on some of the oral medications.

So, the results weren't as bad as I feared, and to be honest, something positive has come out of the appointment. Just got some work to do to get myself in better shape and to treat the diabetes more aggressively without going to other medications. Or insulin.
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