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Long Week, and Some SS & S Thoughts

It's been a very long week, or at least seems to have been, between the doctor appointment on Monday, the actual work I'm doing at the office, and the editing that I'm doing for the good folks at Rogue Games on Shadow, Sword & Spell. Add to this the weather in Ottawa has been quite cool and wet, and well...the aches and pains of the body are just another part of the week that I wasn't crazy about. The frozen shoulder that I mentioned in a couple of earlier posts has been really bothering me last this week, so that hasn't helped my mental state or mood.

On the subject of Shadow, Sword & Spell, the editing work on the Expert book is going quite well. Making good progress through the chapters of the book, though some have been more difficult to edit than others. That said, there's some really good stuff in this expansion for the game, and folks are going to be very pleased with the material present in this book. I'm also pleased to say that I've just taken on the job of doing the re-edit of the Basic book for the game as well, and that work is going to be a real joy to do. Richard, the Rogue Games head honcho whose baby this game is, and I are getting along quite well in terms of the editing and stuff, and some real progress on this material should be made during the next week or so. There's a couple of other things for SS & S that are in the pipeline as well that I'll be working on, but I can't say much about them at this point.

Also on the subject of the game, the Friday night gaming group will not be playing tonight, as the NHL hockey season in Ottawa starts this evening. I'll be glad to have a night off this evening, as I could really use a bit more down time.
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