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Sunday Game - All For One Character Creation

Yesterday saw the Sunday afternoon gaming group (can you call two players and a GM a group?) meet up, and I had decided that since I am still having problems with my frozen shoulder thingie, I would have the players create their characters for the All For One: Régime Diabolique roleplaying game of occult swashbuckling during the early 17th Century.

Character generation for the game went pretty smoothly, and I think that Tammy pretty much got the gist of the world of 17th Century France and she's got herself a pretty nifty litte character, a Queen's Musketeer, while spross is playing a King's Musketeer. Tammy's character was a thief who got caught, and offered a choice - be-handing or join the Musketeers. Guess which she chose? :) spross, on the other hand, is playing a noble who has become a King's Musketeer for reasons that I don't know, since he really didn't talk about the character and his background at all as we were doing character generation. His usual stuff, of course. (Hopefully, he won't want a new character or to make changes to the character over the next few weeks.)

In the meantime, both Tammy and spross told me before we stopped that they would like to play All For One, so I will be starting the game with them next week. Looking forward to it.
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