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Some SS & S Thoughts, and Status

The editing work that I'm doing for the folks at Rogue Games (yes, the forums known as the Rogue Council are currently down for some overhaul and work) is going swimmingly well, and I continue to derive a good deal of enjoyment from the Shadow, Sword & Spell roleplaying game.

You can read more from Richard Iorio II about how stuff is going over in the Rogue Dispatches, section, and you can read more about what's in the pipeline for the game by reading the Rogue Dispatch of 13/10/10. It seems that I'll be a pretty busy editor on the SS & S stuff for the next year or so. :)

In editing news, I finished doing the first edits on the Shadow, Sword & Spell: Expert material, minus the chapter that is still being written, yesterday, and am quite pleased and excited about this book. There's some really good material in this one, and while several of the chapters took me a bit longer to edit than I expected, I like to think that they'll be improved when Richard's gotten through with them yet again.

In the meantime, I've got an adventure for the game to playtest, will likely start re-editing the SS & S: Basic book next week, and have a couple of other projects for the game on my plate as well. On top of that, I'm starting to run my campaigns of All For One: Régime Diabolique this week on both the Friday and Sunday gaming groups, and have a couple of projects to work on in that regard as well.

Life is good, other than the fact that I've been a bit sick this week. :)
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