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SS & S Playtest Last Night

As noted in the previous journal entry, the plans for last night's game changed somewhat, and I ran a playtest of a forthcoming adventure for the Shadow, Sword & Spell pulp (aka sword & sorcery) fantasy rpg.

The adventure went rather well, the player characters enjoying the opportunity to engage in a lot of sheer violence for the sake of being violent, with an edge of brutality to it. The Friday gaming group players gend to be a more cerebral lot when they play characters and the like, though they do have weapon and combat skills, but this scenario was Not hack 'n slash, per sé, but just a good old-fashioned adventure where one could choose to fight everything that moved if one wishes. <g> And the scenario had some moments of humour to it as well, and that made it even better, in my opinion. :)

This isn't to say that the scenario has no thought required, and that the player characters don't need to use their brains at all. Quite the contrary. So it was a really fun adventure to run, and the players had a blast with it.

Btw, for folks in the Ottawa area, I'll be running another playtest of the adventure tomorrow, Sunday, at my place. I'm looking for a few folks who might be interested in playtesting the adventure, so either drop me a line or give me a call. I'm in the phone book. :)
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