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Second Playtest of the SS & S Scenario

The Sunday gaming group left my place about forty minutes ago, and I am exhausted, but felt that I should post something here.

spross and Tammy had a pretty good time this afternoon playtesting the Shadow, Sword & Spell scenario that I've been working with the last week and a half or so. Because I was unable to find a few more players to help in the playtesting, the two of them played three characters each, and had a tough time of it in that regard. Still, they were troopers with the game and the playtest, and I really want to thank them for their efforts. They managed to do a really good job of it, had a lot of fun in the process, and made some interesting (and at times scathing) comments about certain elements of the scenario material and some of the assumptions behind the adventure as well.

In the meantime, I'll need to type up the notes and comments about the adventure from both game groups, and send that stuff off to Richard at Rogue Games, and then prepare for Round 2 of the playtests.

However, for the rest of the evening, I'm going to forget all about gaming, and am going to have supper followed by several episodes of the History Channel series on the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Looking forward to a nice, quiet evening with that material.
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