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Quick Update

Just a quick update on how the week is going for me.

Health-wise, I've still got problems with my right shoulder, and it hurts like hell at times. Applying ointment helps somewhat, and the application of heat (like during a shower) is oooh, so good.

Seem to have a case of the sniffles, which isn't helping, but the occasional hot cup of tea, herbal naturally, assists with this. In other news, I found out that my doctor's office won't be giving the flu shots this year until close to the end of November. I am not pleased at this thought, since I figure this means that I will come down with the flu before then. ::knock on wood::

Work is progressing quite well, and the translation job I'm doing right now is coming along. Looks to be a two week job or so, for which I'm glad, as it means I only have to deal with the two languages concerned on this one.

As noted in this journal entry, Richard Iorio II of Rogue Games sent me the files for re-editing on Shadow, Sword & Spell: Basic at the beginning of the week, and that has been taking up much of my spare time at the moment, hence the lack of blog entries and all that other stuff. The work on the edits is coming along pretty well, although I guess I'll find out the truth about that when I see what Richard has to say about them! <g> It's a slow process, of course, since I'm taking the time and care to get these things right, but I'll see how this progresses as I go along.

Life goes on, as they say.
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