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Doings of a Saturday

Spent a pretty quiet, somewhat relaxed, day yesterday.

Since I'm not running an rpg session today, as spross is doing some character generation with Tammy and me instead, I didn't have to frantically get some session material ready for today. Thus, I was able to get in some reading (see below), make a pot of chili for later, and put frozen portions away, did a bit of work on an adventure that I have in mind for Shadow, Sword & Spell, and a few other things. The fact that I'm in a lull on the editing chores for the folks at Rogue Games has meant that I've been able to catch up on some stuff, which is all good.

I've been missing my Legion of Super-Heroes fix in comics, so spross and I went over to the Comic Book Shoppe on Clyde Avenue, and picked up four months worth of comics. Including the LSH issues. Ran me about $146.34 or something like that, and my GenCon Indy 2011 fund has been significantly depleted.

I've been re-watching the old HBO Rome series as well, and finished off the first season of that last night. And I started re-watching the first series of Primeval as well, since I've been meaning to do that for some time.

As noted above, I also managed to do some reading yesterday. I finished reading Kage Baker's The Empress of Mars. What a lovely, elegant, well-written book. I'm kind of sad again to realize that the death of this author has deprived us of what would have been more excellent, well thought out and eminently readable books. While Empress is not her finest work, it's just...ah, never mind, I'm getting all choked up again as I write this.

So all in all, it was a pretty good Saturday. And this afternoon, despite last night's snow, promises to be a great one, since I'm not having to run a game, and spross will have us create characters. Will blog more about that later today or early this evening.
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