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Gaming A Thousand Suns

Gaming with the Sunday group finished about an hour ago.

I didn't have to run a game today, as spross took Tammy and me through character generation for the Thousand Suns rpg. In mindset, Thousand Suns is very old-fashioned in its style and feel, and is almost like a toolbox in some ways, with a very meta-game feel to it, with the GM having to flesh out the universe around the players, but offers some interesting ideas.

spross struggled a bit with the system, though admittedly Tammy and I came up with completely new Careers, Information Broker for me, and Smuggler for Tammy.

Had a pretty good basic afternoon of things, and if folks are interested, will post the character I created today here on the blog as a sample of character generation.

Off to read a little bit, and then make some supper before relaxing tonight with more episodes of Primeval, Series 1.
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