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Bits of This and That, and an E-Mail Request

Interesting weekend, somewhat restful with a few moments of stress here and there.

First off, the Friday and Sunday gaming groups both played Shadow, Sword & Spell on the weekend and had a pretty good time of it. I'm using most of the rules modifications and additions that have been made to the revision of the game, and these have made the game so much better (bearing in mind that I'm a little biased about the stuff!). Looking forward to next week's gaming.

On the editing side, the second edits for Shadow, Sword & Spell: Basic are done, and other than one or two chapters that may have to go through a third edit, the book is ready to go to proofreading, and will partially do so today. I'm very happy with my edits and all to the book, and Richard has told me that he's quite pleased with the work I've done on this, despite some of the re-writing it's made him do. I'll have a few days off, barring re-edits of a chapter or two, and then we're going to get back to work on Expert. And there's a couple of scenarios in the works as well.

Yesterday was a bit more stressful in terms of the computer. As mentioned in other journal entries, I've been having problems with my right shoulder. Yesterday saw me have a muscle spasm that activated the mouse and caused me to completely fry and destroy my version of Mozilla Thunderbird. All gone, all toast. I freaked out about it somewhat, but had to run the Sunday session of SS & S, and then my friend Tammy was able to help put things to rights. I was able to save the messages that were in the software, but all of my addresses were pulverized. Managed to reinstall the Thunderbird program, but if you're reading this and are one of my friends, please send me an e-mail at johnk100 AT sympatico DOT ca so that I can put you back in the addresses list and all. Thanks.

Finally, on the way to work this morning, went to the doctor's office and got my flu shot. I am now protected...well, I will be once the shot takes effect. Just gotta hope I don't catch the flu before the shot's benefits happen. Of course, now my left arm hurts as well from the flu shot. *sigh*

In the meantime, back to the grind here. :)
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