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Weekend Highs and Lows

The weekend is over, and was definitely interesting with some disturbing trends.

Friday night's game of Shadow, Sword & Spell went very well, and the gaming group is having a good time with the system and the game, and their characters are all interesting enough to keep motivation for their play high.

Saturday was spent puttering around with various things, and I'll mention just a few of them here. I've decided that I want to update my files at home on thet's nice Legion of Super-Heroes timeline, chronology, characters, etc., so have taken it upon myself to start re-reading the comics from scratch, starting with Adventure Comics #247 once more. Will be starting that this week. In the meantime, spross helped me dig up the old DC Heroes and Blood of Heroes gaming material (just the Legion stuff, of course), and brought back to me some of the massive amounts of paperwork that I had for the game. While I probably won't end up running the game again, it's just good to have the material out and ready to hand if I need it.

My wonderful, large paper map of the universe for the Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone roleplaying game arrived in the snail mail earlier this week, and it looks fabulous. I've been motivated to run the game of late, just to get back to some science fiction roleplaying (which I haven't done in close to a year, I think), but more on this in a separate post later today. spross helped me dig that material out of the cupboard at the house as well, but I seem to have lost the photocopies of the character sheets for the game, among other stuff. *sigh*

Saturday night, I watched the Boston Bruins-Ottawa Senators hockey game from Boston. The Sens won the game 2-0, and I just want to know why they don't play the same way in front of Pascal Leclaire as they do in front of Brian Elliott. Sad, really. Still, glad they won.

Sunday's game of Shadow, Sword & Spell was not a great game. While a lot of stuff actually happened, some of it good and interesting, Tammy is struggling to work with spross's character, partially because of the inconsistencies surrounding the character in almost every respect. For his part, spross is having problems playing and being consistent with the character (even going so far as to say at one point that he should never have created that character). He also commented at one point when I inquired about it that he's not even sure he likes or should be playing in fantasy rpgs. If that's true, it doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room gaming-wise. Suffice it to say, the Sunday gaming session wrapped up with me feeling unfulfilled by that gaming experience, and the two players pretty disappointed as well.

I managed to overcome the doldrum feelings I had Sunday evening by watching another couple of episodes of Primeval, which btw, will be back on British television screens on January 1st, 2011 with Series Four finally. You can actually see the Series 4 Trailer at the link. While there's no info yet on when it will air in Canada, I'm really looking forward to seeing this new Primeval series stuff.
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