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Finally made it in to work this morning.

Had to go for my blood tests and PSA test this morning for my regular doctor. Line-up was long (took almost an hour to get this done today!), and the damn technician couldn't find a vein to save her (or my) life. My left arm hurts, with a massive bruise coming out as she lost in the vein in the middle of drawing the second of five vials, and my right arm hurts worse than it usually does after she lost the vein in that one on the fourth vial. And it wasn't like she was new to the blood technician stuff, since I've seen her at the independent lab clinic for several years. Just having a bad day, I guess, and I was in the wrong seat at the wrong time.

Next time, I'll spend the $9.00 to go to the hospital and the blood lab there, rather than the lab I went to this morning. :< I used to go to this lab all the time, and they never did this sort of things on a semi-regular basis, but that was the reason for my going to the hospital lab for the tests. *sigh*
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