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Books Read in November, 2010

As noted in various journal entries the past few months, I've been pretty busy, and November was no exception to that. That said, I did get in a fair bit of reading in November, and so here I present to you my book reads for last month...

Books Read in November, 2010

Basic Roleplaying Game Rome: The Rise and Death of the Republic by Pete Nash (RPG)

Myths of the Ancient Greeks by Richard P. Martin

The Rough Guide to Film Noir by Alexander Ballinger & Danny Graydon

Old Legion of Super-Heroes Comics

October, 2010 Locus

July, 2010 Comics

Le Mousquetaire Déshonor@eacute;: Partie Une: Désir Mortel by Walt Ciechanowski (RPG; PDF)

On the Origin of Stories: Evolution, Cognition, and Fiction by Brian Boyd

Richelieu's Guide to Nobles & Courtiers by Paul Wade-Williams (RPG; PDF)

Classical Mythology by William Hansen

Thousand Suns Roleplaying Game by James Maliszewski and Richard Iorio II (RPG)

How We Came to Live Here by Brennan Taylor (RPG)

The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson

Not a bad month of reading. Overall, I managed to read 5 novels, 5 RPGs and RPG products, 2 magazines, 44 comics, and 0 graphic novels in November. This brings my year total up to 64 books, 38 RPGs and RPG products, 15 magazines, 132 comics, and 6 graphic novels.
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