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Summing Up the Weekend

The weekend was pretty mundane in a lot of ways, but geeky for the most part.

Friday night, the gaming group played a roleplaying game, All For One. You can read about that in this journal entry.

Saturday was a pretty good day, for the most part. Did a minor bit of grocery shopping bright and early, as I needed to pick up some celery and a few other fresh vegetables, plus the fixings for home-made chili. Got home, relaxed a bit doing some reading and the like, and then went to work in the den cleaning up some of the papers and stuff that are always lying around down there.

spross dropped by for the afternoon after work, and he helped me dig out the Desolation gaming stuff from the storage cupboard, and put a few things away as well. We had some tea and biscuits before he headed off for home. After cleaning the dishes, I got down to prepping the stuff to make the chili, and then figured it was time for supper as well, so made a small steak, with grilled potoes, and a small salad with a side of green beans. Yumm!

The evening was pretty mundane, as I watched the Ottawa Senators lose their NHL hockey game to the Buffalo Sabres 1-0 in the shootout, and then continued to clean a few more papers up in the den before bed, and a bit of reading.

Sunday morning dawned cool and clear, but there was a smattering of snowfall expected during the day. I cleaned up some more in the den after breakfast, and then got down to a bit of prep work for the All For One: Régime Diabolique game session that I was running on the Sunday group. After a good bite of lunch, we started gaming, and the players went through a bit of instructional combat set-ups, with Tammy wanting to know all the various combat manoeuvers for the game with their mechanic aspects. We then proceeded to run sample combats against the characters, and the session passed pretty quickly. After spross and Tammy left when we were done, I did some cleaning up in the living room and kitchen, and then prepared for dinner with some homemade spaghetti and pasta. Nice and simple.

Spent the rest of Sunday evening reading old Legion of Super-Heroes comics, writing some new Primeval fan fiction, and just relaxing with a bit of music before bed.

Overall, a very nice weekend, not too much stress, and for the evenings, a peaceful time.
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