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Health, and an RPG Peeve

Woke up this morning feeling a bit better than I have the past couple of days. Feel like I have some kind of bug in my ears and sinuses, but this morning felt a bit better. Thank Goddess, as there's just too much stuff for me to do. :)

One of my pet peeves about gaming is buying stuff for pre-order from the websites of various companies.

A good example of this right now is the stuff that I've ordered from Cubicle 7. (Their store can be found here.) I've currently got an order in for The Laundry RPG, and my copy of said game, according to the Stamps tracking system through the USPS shows that the book has been received at the sorting station of the American postal system, even though the book has shown up in two gaming stores here in Ottawa! Add to this that I was part of the Kickstarter program that has allowed the folks at Khepera Publishing, who do the Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone RPG, to publish the first supplement for the game, Princes of the Universe. Their distributor is, you guessed it, Cubicle 7. My copy of the game was shipped on November 23rd, but it only just cleared Customs yesterday, so Goddess alone knows when I'll get my copy. But guess what? PotU is out in two stores in Ottawa.

Both products were in the stores on Saturday, and this makes me wonder something. Why do I bother to pre-order rpgs from game companies that I know I can get at one or two of the local stores? Between the slowness of the American and Canadian postal systems and the speed at which gaming stores seem to get their products in when they are released, you'd think I, and hundreds of gamers like me, would have realized this by now.

All I am right now is annoyed about this and frustrated. And I have my doubts that either The Laundry or Princes of the Universe will reach my doorstep before Christmas, let alone before the start of the New Year, the way this process and the snail mail system seems to work. Boo hiss! :(
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