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A Stressful Thursday

Yesterday was one of those days from Hell.

It started off cold here in Ottawa, but that's not surprising for the capital of Canada, given the time of year.

I went out to go to work, and the car wouldn't start. Just made these "tic-tic-tic" noises when I turned the key. I knew it was the battery or something else, but it couldn't be since the car had run fine when I went to work the day before. Besides, I had planned to take the car to the shop for its winter servicing later that day on my way home from work, but... Given that I needed to get to work and could worry about the car later, I called a cab, and managed to get in for work on time.

The morning at work was fine, and Donna was gracious enough to offer me a lift home after we both got off work, so that was cool. Then, in the early to mid-afternoon work period, the office network started acting up, and the 2,400-page document that I was working on got...scrambled. And the network back-up system collapsed (as the guys from tech called it). So they shut the system down for the rest of the day, and everyone was told to take the rest of the day off. Except the tech guys, of course.

Got home, and decided to take care of the car business. Called the dealer, and he said that they would have to charge me for towing the car to the shop, so I got on the phone to the insurance company. They would take care of things, and sent a truck. Sometime within the next hour. Then my mom showed up, and things went...a bit nuts. (And that's all I'm going to say on the subject.) The guy from the insurance company towing folks showed up and boosted the car, and sure enough it started. By that time, spross showed up at the house for the afternoon chat, and he agreed to give me a lift back home from the Chrysler dealer, so we went there and dropped off the car for repairs. Oh, did I mention that I was so stressed out by this time that I thought the dealer I was taking the car to was the old Chrysler dealer, not Bank Street Dodge/Chrysler? Sorry about that cock-up, Steve. :) And have you ever driven a car where the car feels like it's an old style train, put-put-put-ing along the road and every time you stop at a traffic light, you're not sure the car's going to move again? That was how the drive to the dealer felt to me.

Anyway, spross dropped me off at the house, and we chatted for a few minutes about some gaming stuff, but he could see that I was still feeling somewhat stressed out so he smartly took off and went home after his day at work. I spent the night relaxing, watching a couple of dinosaur DVDs that I have, and had some soothing Sleepytime herbal tea. Crashed around 10:00 pm last night and had a good rest.

This morning, I got a lift in to work with Donna, and she's graciously agreed to help me out in this way until I get the car back. The computers at work are back up, and the document that I'm working on seems to be behaving fine for the moment. I can't wait to get home today, and start the weekend. I need to decompress somewhat.

Just have to figure out how to do the grocery shopping for veggies and stuff that I need for the weekend, but we'll see. Enough to do for now.
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