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Hellas Books Arrived

The good news from yesterday is that I received a package from the Cubicle 7 distribution house.

For those of you who haven't followed or read the post about the business at hand, please check this journal entry.

On opening said box, full of packing peanuts of course, I found that my copies of the two Hellas products, a second copy of Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone and the new supplement Princes of the Universe, had arrived. The bad news is that the post office and/or Customs or both had obviously opened the box, and the two books were both mangled on the edges, and several pages were a bit...messy...because of packing peanuts in the books and crushing against the pages. *sigh* Nothing that won't fix itself once the book sits on a shelf with some heavy stuff on top of it for a while, I hope.

Princes of the Universe looks amazing, and is a worthy supplement for the Hellas line. It expands on some of the material from the main rulebook, provides additional Lifepaths for the non-Hellene races, and has a few other goodies tucked away in its pages as well.

Other than the condition of the books, what annoys me most is that the shipping on this was not all that rapid, as a friend of mine received his copies of the books over two weeks ago via ExpressPost. No wonder I didn't get the books before they arrived in Ottawa shoppes! :( And the fact that I had to pay GST on the value of the goods as well as a Handling Fee on the books. Bet you they "handled" the books quite a bit! :(

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to get this package, as I really didn't expect to see PotU arrive until after Christmas, if I was lucky. Here's hoping the package with The Laundry RPG gets here sooner, rather than later.
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