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CanGames 2011 Poll

So, here we are in the second week of December. That means that CanGames, 2011 is only about 6 months away. So it's time for me to start planning what I'm going to run at the Ottawa gaming convention this year.

Right off the bat, I can say that I will definitely be running an adventure or two of Desolation, since the game has been quite popular every time that I run it at the convention.

However, I need to figure out what else I'm going to run at the convention. And that's where this poll comes in.

Please vote for the game that you think I should run at CanGames, other than Desolation, though I would also appreciate any comments or thoughts that you would like to add in the Comments section.

Poll #1657236 What Other RPG Should I Run at CanGames 2011?

What Other RPG Should I Run at CanGames 2011?

Don't run another game; more sessions of Desolation
Don't run Desolation; run other stuff
All For One: Régime Diabolique
Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone
Mutant City Blues
Shadow, Sword & Spell
I don't care what you run
I don't care what you run, just run something!
Please don't run any games at CanGames
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