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Today's Doctor Appointments

Just back from two doctors appointments. Oh, joy, oh bliss. Oh, had I forgotten to mention that I had appointments today with two different doctors?

The first doctor appointment was with my regular physician, and was meant to deal with my prostate stuff going on. My PSA test reading jumped three full points from the previous reading. He wrote out an order for another PSA test, since he finds it odd that the PSA results went up so high in a short time, but also decided that he will make an appointment for me with a urologist as soon as possible (won't be until some time in the new year) to look me over, regardless of what the new PSA test shows up. In the meantime, he won't have me go back on Proscar or Avodart for the prostate business, not until after I see the urologist. We also talked about my shoulder, and the fact that the pain there is persistent. I'm going to go to have an x-ray done on the shoulders, as he's hoping that shows something as well. Finally, I have a few blemishes on my lower anatomy that he's not all that concerned about, as he thinks they're just eczema (sp?). I always get dry skin at this time of year, but I just don't need eczema down there, you know?

The second doctor's appointment was with a dermatologists. This is something I've been meaning to do for a while, and it has been scheduled for about four months. I first heard about this on a tv show called The Doctors, that seeing a dermatologist is always important because the skin is the largest organ of the body, and decided it was a good idea. Basically, he told me that other than the cystic acne scars and some of the recurring acne that I have and a few moles that could or not come off, my skin's in good shape. Relief to hear that.

In the meantime, the good news is that snail mail has arrived here at the house for the day, and my December issue of Locus magazine has arrived. More reading material, like I really need that right now.
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