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A Long Afternoon of Britannia

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gaming group met at my place.

We decided to play a board game or three, since I want to take a break from the roleplaying games stuff for the month. Things worked out in that regard, as both spross and Tammy were willing to give things a go.

While Tammy was somewhat leery of doing so at first, we finally settled down and played a game of Britannia, one of my favourite board games from the 1980s and 1990s. I still have the Avalon Hill game from way back when, and play that one, even though I've seen the newer version of the game and like the...shiny-ness of it. While I've played a few games of Britannia through the years, it was shocking to see from the sheets I have with the game that I'd not played with this set of the game since August 22nd, 1993! That's a long time!

I played the purple side (Romans, Romano-British, Scots, Dubliners, and Norweigians), Tammy played the red (Brigantes, Irish, Saxons, and Norsemen), spross played the blue (Belgae, Picts, Angles, and Normans), and we left the green side (Welsh, Caledonians, Jutes, and Danes) to be played by all of us. I fully expected the game to go rather quickly, since it's only a 3-4 hour game, but I hadn't counted on spross being totally indecisive for the most part and taking forever to make moves for his blue forces. We played for 4-1/2 hours, and had only reached the mid-way point of the game! It was a pretty close game, with Steve and I tied with 83 points, Tammy with 72, and the poor green player with a mere 43. Poor Welsh player kept getting attacked by Tammy and her Irish forces.

From the way the game was shaping up, I think Tammy would have made some real in-roads with her Saxons, as SteveR played the Angles in a totally conservative manner, sticking primarily to the eastern side of the English coast, and making one foray into central England to go after the Romano-British leader Arthur. Tammy had 32 points for her Saxons at the close of play, compared to SteveR's 26 points for the Angles, but they both struggled with landing their Saxon and Angle units in the first few rounds because I was protective of my Roman forts and then the Romano-British gave as good as they got when they replaced the Roman units.

Overall, it was a pretty good game, but I was left with a sour taste in my mouth, since we only got half way through the game, so it was pretty much a waste of the afternoon for the most part, with no definitive winner. On the other hand, the good news is that Tammy liked the game enough that she told me that she could definitely play the game again in future. So there is good news out of this. :)
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