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Broken Promise to Myself

Yesterday, I broke one of the promises that I had made for the month. However, it wasn't really my fault.

I had promised myself this month that I wasn't going to look at any roleplaying games or rpg material for the month of December. Up until yesterday, I kept that promise.

On Sunday, Tammy and spross decided that we're going to do a roleplaying game again next Sunday, the 2nd of January, 2011. I had hoped that they would decide that they would do board games again or, Goddess forbid, spross might actually run a game so I wouldn't have to look at an rpg for a bit yet. We're going back to the Desolation rpg of post-apocalyptic fantasy. However, as some of you may remember from this journal entry, spross's character, Phedrin Mor, died in that final session of the scenario. As a result, SteveR has to create a new character before the Sunday game session. And as some of you may know, spross takes quite a bit of time to create a character and "get things right", so to speak.

So yesterday afternoon, spross showed up at my place after he got off work, and we did the basics of character creation for his new Desolation character, a farmer with a somewhat interesting backstory. All that's left to finish on the character is SteveR's fleshing out of the background and personality and history material, and his starting equipment and weapons.

But unfortunately, it means I broke my promise to myself, and had to look at, read a bit, and work with a roleplaying game this month. And in all honesty, I've enjoyed myself a lot this month of December not having to look at rpgs, and to be honest, I'm somewhat annoyed and disappointed in myself that I had to break my promise and somewhat pissed off that I had to do yet *another* new character with spross. *sigh*
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